Monday, March 09, 2009

Great News on Stem Cells!

It's something long overdue--- federal support for human embryonic stem cell research. We've discussed many of the arguments pro and con. But in the end, science has to progress without the restrictions of religious ideology. And everyone, even those who believe that a 100-cell embryo is equivalent to a human baby, will benefit from the medical knowledge gained.


Heather Kirkwood said...


web_geek said...

I draw the line at a 99-cell embryo!

You scientists and your "science."

Pah! Facts just cause trouble.

Heather Kirkwood said...

Hey Doc - I know you love science and humor - if you're on Facebook check out the National DNA Day photo contest entries - very entertaining.

I posted a few favorites on my own blog.

Happy DNA Day!

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I wish this is something that could contribute to Men's Health Awareness

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Es ist etwas, längst überfällig --- Unterstützung des Bundes für die menschliche embryonale Stammzellforschung. Wir haben diskutiert viele der Argumente für und wider.


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